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We have spent several years helping Philadelphia area children get involved in community gardening. In 2018, we are ready to pilot a model to teach youth gardening, using a club approach modeled on, and complementing, the scouting model.

Triple G clubs!

We are going to pilot the first "Triple G" club at Northern Children's Services in Philadelphia. We love working with NCS, one of the oldest and most wonderful foster care service campuses in the United States.  Even better, we're in Philadelphia, the home of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, the grandest garden club of them all.  What could be more exciting!  

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These are the first seedlings ready to go in 2018.  The staff at Northern Children's is ready, the kids are ready, Mr. Karl, and Dr. Bill are ready to teach, we have some scouts ready to move dirt, we just need you to help make this season grow!


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