Getting Started in Greater Philadelphia (for now...join us!)

Resources for Gardeners

More Soon 

  • ACGA - American Community Gardening Association  -
  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society -
  • FarmPhilly -,  City of Philadelphia community gardening on Parks and Rec lands

Resources for Garden Building

  • Gardeners Supply Co. -
  • Home Depot - local home depots have small grants and coupons for community organizations
  •  - great for seedling trays, row covers, and 

Resources for Education

  • GEF - Green Education Foundation - - resources for sustainability education
  • Penn Horticultural Society - from beginning classes to Master Gardener 
  • Farmers Almanac
  • / you-bet-your-garden.  Philadelphia's own public radio organic gardening show, their A-Z answers section is awesome.

Gardening Supplies

more soon

Resources for Scouting

  • - find your local Cubscout and Boy Scouts troups by zipcode
  • - find your local brownie and Girl Scout Troops

Faith and Civic Connections

We are people of Faith, so we list our communities, but please make this an all faiths and secular movement, join us!

  • National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.  -
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -